The Sound of a :)

I call this piece the sound of a smile. I know this won’t be a seminal work that changes the course of music composition but I think it’s the best i can do as a beginner. I tweaked code from class (a sequence) and used a MonoSynth to play it. I used P5js and Tone.js libraries.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 11.06.46 PM.png

sketch link

The things I learned are:

What the notes “C4” and “F2” etc. mean. I was able to determine by listening to the notes laid out in order which one was which. Then I looked this up and found

I referenced it to understand better what sounds are within normal range.

I wanted to see if i can replace the notes with just frequencies and it sounded like garbage so I decided to go back to the more musical version of this sketch and changed the sound of the envelope a bit. I also tried replacing the MonoSyth with PolySynth and PluckSynth but didn’t like the sound as much. I decided play this sketch starting out with a smiley face and turning it into something more abstract. The end of the sketch actually starts to sound kind of interesting.

See it here on video: