Suggested Template for this blog by Marina


Keeping track of research and ideas is a skill. Here are some suggestions on how to stay on top of your work, track progress, and build a “paper trail” for your project:


Articulate your intentions and goals

  • for the project

  • for your documentation process

  • Your personal goals for learning, experimentation

Write this down as a blog post


Set up blog posts you can edit/add to over time
Tagging works, too, but it’s harder to remember to do it.

  • What are your opening questions/hypothesis?

  • Research leads

  • Bibliography

  • Brainstorm ideas

You can update these as you progress and this creates easy-to-find containers: Make sure you can edit your entries!


Create a map of the systems that contain or relate to your topic


Identify precedents

  • who is working in this field

  • what are some related projects

  • identify methods of projects that share some aspect of your work


Identify and work with at least two visual (or other artistic) analogies for your topic or project. Create or provide images to create comparisons

For example:


Mitigating Outdoor Air Pollution



Are there modular air filtering solutions that work outdoors?

Can I also raise consciousness by making this public?



A sculpture that cleans air at a busy public meeting point



HVAC systems. Rainforests (topic)
Indoor HEPA units. Traffic cops?
Con Ed street steam vents?


Interview experts

Identify and contact 3-5 experts for interviews/exchanges:

Hope for 2 firm responses!
Don’t be afraid to follow up 2x a week! Persistence is also a skill.


Informal interview/transcribe/synthesize

Follow up, try your idea out on them, get their feedback

Design a context/ call for your project


Experiment with your idea

Brainstorming/iteration ideas:
- Make something out of junk, scrap, leftovers, friends, etc

- Identify, observe and maybe interact with your public(s) (ethnography)

-  Create a speculative fiction/new mythology

- Design a daily practice based on constraints (at least 7 days)

- Make an x/y grid of kindred projects

- Make an x/y grid of other project ideations

- Try the program logic model

- Identify leverage points (opportunities) in a system


Taken from class syllabus