Hofstadter uses transparencies

I love that he uses transparencies. He says he doesn’t use PowerPoint! I imagine it’s because he’s protesting Microsoft and their contribution to a culture where craftsmanship is devalued and the bottom line is valued above all (ideas from Richard Sennett, author of the Craftsman and Together). I wonder if Hofstadter has warmed up to Microsoft a bit since they have come along way since the 90s and now are more involved with the open source movement and try to be a more socially responsible organization. I know Danah Boyd, founder of Data & Society, works at Microsoft and I believe they have made progress in ethics and how Big Data can be used more ethically and democratically.

I wonder if Danah Boyd would be a good person to interview for my research on Biopower in terms of understanding the effects of “big data” and how corporations use the data. I will need to research a little more first to understand. When I am done with the taxonomy I imagine it will become clear.

Hofstadter is like a transparency in that he is very clear in his presentation.

His observations and theories on cognition make a lot of sense. Makes me think that maybe people who are good at lateral thinking are just able to observe the analogies they make like he is able to catch himself doing on occasion? Who knows! Maybe people understand the world through these analogies but don’t always realize that and so can’t articulate i. But the people who can, on occasion, see this process (notice it) are able to get a stronger grasp on the analogy and let it float up to their conscious mind, ready for picking and for using as solutions to analogous problems. Maybe that’s one way to come up with really effective solutions for things. I have no idea. I bet there are a hundreds of theories in the field of cognition about that.