Experts: Sound and ANT and Posthuman

This center - MASMA DREAM WORLD SOUND THERAPY - in NY looks like a goof place to start.

Louise Fou and Martha Skou - sound sculpture artists

Ernesto Neto - tangible plush art

Their site feels accessible and not too cult-like.

Their site feels accessible and not too cult-like.

Some other potential experts:

Sound Healing - I’m a little hesitant to contact this organization because it might be too new age for my understanding of the world but maybe this is just what i need to open my mind to. I do enjoy the aesthetic of the website. It’s unclear if they are ironic about it or not. Either way, it is great.

Donna Haraway - As soon as I finish Cyborg Manifesto I will contact her. How can these objects help to serve people in the way that might benefit relationships across species, etc.? Perhaps my dog can meet her dog over Skype and we can have a four-entity-group-meeting.

Michel Callon and Bruno Latour (ANT guys) - I might as well contact them too.