Project Writeup

Description of project

A set ofsound-emittant objects that comprise an ecosystem that has rules that you have to cooperate with and understand in order to get themost out of using them to create more sounds. The experience is meant to be playful and meditative.

Research question

Does a combination of tactile experiences that trigger sounds, mediated by slightly unpredictable and sometimes surprising interactions create a soothing and engaging experience?

Plan for discovery:

  1. finish reading stuff, inclusion poetics of space, haraway, etc.

  2. paper prototypes to test

  3. print created zbrush prototypes and print them in LaGuardia studios and test them on people to see what interactions people may find intuitive with those objects. 


  5. design sounds for these things. Something between animal plant and synth.


  7. read more on posthuman theory and actor network theory and cyborg manifesto, sound therapy, tatile therapy, ian bogost’s alien phenomenology.

  8. I plan to meet with Elaine Gan next Tuesday before the Temp Ex meeting.

  9. thinking also about adding a vest to test out that is filled with vubracoustics to see how people feel in it esp if it is also playing a sound. perhaps with a teensy or with max.

Who will engage with your project: how, where, and why?

People in spaces for waiting, therapy, relaxation, either public or domestic spaces.

What do you want your project to DO?

I’d like the project to be an environment for people to have interactions with the objects and one another, where things can happen that aren’t completely predictable. The experience should be playful and meditative. I’m curious to see what will happen. Tactile experiences mixed with simple sounds, should produce some soothing effect. The system’s limitations and discoverability I hope will create a partially unpredictable environment.

Plan your remaining 4 weeks and schedule it

  • Finish shapes + design simple sounds (range of minimal to nature) by Thanksgiving

  • User text the week after - two separate tests. one of must objects and one of objects and sounds together (or at least the sound on it’s own if i can’t get the sensor to do anything. might use infrared or light sensor for now to make it simpler as i feed it into max)

  • Nov 27 - I plan to meet with Elaine Gan next Tuesday before the Temp Ex meeting.

  • try the body suit with subwoofer to test. can a user also wear the sculpture and be on of the sculptures in a way? one of the actors?

  • more testing and continue to fabricate and perfect sounds and read research about posthuman theory, ANT, tactile and sound therapy, non human centered design, relational aesthetics.

just am image to be meta :)

just am image to be meta :)