I don't know who to interview yet

I was thinking Donna Harroway but I need to prepare more to ask her things because I wouldn't want to miss a chance to ask her all the right questions. I might need to research Actor Network and posthuman theories some more and find cyborg experts. Ultimately it sounds like i'm creating a colony of little cygborgs that humans can sort of impact but that illustrate the value of non human beings. I was thinking I could make them also look part plant part animal. That Idea I've had for a while and thought the technological side of it would be hidden from the viewers. I wanted the views to suspend their imagination and pretend these things were animal-plant-like entities but now i'm thinking that they can still be considered cyborgs even if they aren't overtly machinelike. 

The good news is that I was told today by Beverly Chou the interactions between these things is totally possible with a server and raspberry pi's. She said she can help! I may not get to that in this class but at least i know that for thesis it's doable. 

 My next steps;

1. make clay prototypes

2. make zbrush prototypes and print them in LaGuardia studios and test them on people to see what interactions people may find intuitive with those objects. 

3. design sounds for these things. Something betwen animal plant and synth, possible occasional stomach gurgling sounds or the like, these things are sort of living and will be sort of grotesque i think but hopefully still elicit feelings of familiarity.

4. read more on posthuman theory and actor network theory and cyborg manifesto

5. contact Donna Harroway for interview


Lious de Bourgeois cat mother ( Nature Study).

Mike Lechey's show 3-d printed in hot pink. The hot pink is my favorite version of it. The juxtaposition of flesh and an artificial robotic pink color is really relevant to my project's aesthetic. 

Ernesto Neto Humanoids and other works (fleshy, biological, fun, oversized)

-Chiaozza paper islands https://www.eternitystew.com/Paper-Islands and Piles, Stacks, Lumps & Mounds - Mark Lechey's work in general - all the morphs like the dog without the head etc.

Big Dog Robot at the Beach

Patricia Piccinni (don't want to do anything realistic though). 

I also like the tardigrade a lot - it's so funny and so such a weird mix b/w human and animal. 

I found out about Marcel Duchamp's Wedge of Chastity from the "It Feels like...Flesh" reading by Ruba Katrib  and i think that really works in how the material and form suggests a body but it's not representational. 

-Donna Harroway's non-visual stories about cyborgs.

Inspirations are here in this mood board