Dunne and Raby: What If… Crafting Design Speculations

Anthony Dunne: What If… Crafting Design Speculations

Anthony Dunne talks about using irony and humor to make the serious thinking behind projects that handle difficult conversations. I like that. It is a way to hold people's attention workout scaring them into the stupor of inaction.

He also talks about working with the attitudes and believe systems to create different attitudes instead of designing for the actual world by making physical designs. He believes that you can't start by trying to change  the physical (using tech, etc) world but that changing minds will result in the physical manifestation of change on a bigger scale.  the first step is to design for new ways of seeing and thinking. I think we can do both. For example, I like that Nancy Nowacek balances actionable work like M_____ (a project aimed to educate people about menopause) and her more speculative work  Citizen Bridge (explores ideas of public spaces and maybe even hints at the ways to walk on water when global warming causes flooding? There may be more ideas I didn't pick up in her work but it feels rich. I can't verbalize all of it but I feel more than just public spaces and global warming when I see the documentation of her work.)