7 Days: Day 3

A set of instruments that decides which entity it poirs up with. On the coding end I will have to decide this for the system by assigning these associations to happen at certain months but I will assign a random value so that the system can "choose" which month it creates these pairings. 



System's behavior without the human:

instrument A intermittently (once in x amount of hours that are also random) calls instrument B to make a sound. Then instrument A records and makes a response (not sure what but it will be simple. Maybe the same thing but chopped up or with a slightly different pitch. If I can figure out how to do this again I'd love to just have instrument A send a trigger up B to start this kind of soundscape that consists of an existing rhythmic percussion composition with intermittent chunks of the environment. In this way instrument A documents, regurgitates, and plays back a sonic pOrtrait of the space. I did it here :https://youtu.be/7RuLtaZ2P7Y 

But it was in Max MSP not JavaScript. I may be able to rig this again! It will still look like it's part of the system even though really I would be using two different technologies for it. 


System behavior with a human or other:

A person or even a dog that bumps into instrument A would simply trigger the call-and-reply A-to-B experience earlier that the existing A-B relationship would have happened. If it's a different month, seeing off A into motion would trigger C not B. You just have to wait for the next month to find out what the assignment is within the system. It's fun to not know! What will the instrument sound like next month?! Well instrument C also record bits of the environment or will it so something else?