Thoughts on feedback on guide

I really appreciate the constructive feedback today.

The map pag feels usess now that I removed the apps. I decided not to call them out by name. Felt too agressive. Like finger pointing at these "bad" apps. Maybe I just keep the body map as it is now and make it full page.

As for the design - I like the idea of making it a zine. The cover we'll be vectorized, not hand drawn. I didn't have time to do it so it was confusing for everyone. The cover will hopefully feel clean, sharp, shiny to match the title.

I liked Alden's comment about explaining how Foucoult's ideas have to do with it but I also wonder if I need the Foucoult idea at all. Maybe I can remove the word biopowEric completely.

M.H.'s comment hit home. I do think it's overly critical or scathing for my taste but I also agree with you that it's not too preachy. Perhaps if I make it even more over the top it would add a layer of irony  that would give a hint that this is a rather sensationalist reaction. I think your suggestion to add the disclaimer about how self- quantifying is fun and that the author of the zine uses them helps.  I might consider sprinkling it throughout the pages too as a reminder to take this with a grain of salt. I might even add that this topic was not really chosen by me? I'm not actually all that passionate about biopower or big data or big tech personally. Is this important to mention? That it's an assignment about research? 

I admire activist artists and artists who create socially engaged art and speculative work because it takes a lot of research and they know it still might seem preachy to some but they are willing to do it anyway. It's a challenge worth taking on if you want to be part of the conversation I think. The stakes of failure are higher than if someone makes abstract expressionist work but it's something that people do because they really need to be heard and add to the conversation.

I love Mays Lin's interview about her work of Manhattan's waterline. She actually addresses the fact that she doesn't want to be preachy but still feels it's important to her to have a say.