Copy of Pattern and Sound Series - P5js and Tone.js

Composition 2: Allison's Use of Vim Editor

Mouseover version for testing on the computer.

In the editor using Kinect.

After using mouseOver for prototyping, I switched over to Kinect and placed the composition on a big screen to have the user control the pattern with the movement of the right hand instead of the mouse. 

Some future iterations may be these:



Using P5Js I am planning to create a series of interactive designs. The visual elements will create patterns on rollover and also generate synth sounds that are modulated by the position of the mouse.  

Originally this idea was meant for an interactive sculpture, called the Gaze Project (with Dan Oved and Barak Chamo), that morphs into different states, creating patterns in response to the length and location of gaze. The more people look at the piece, the more pronounced the patterns - or waves of patterns -  become. 



The simple grid-like designs I am creating are inspired by Agnes Martin's paintings. 

Minimalist and sometimes intricate but always geometric and symmetrical, her work has been described as serene and meditative. She believed that abstract designs can illicit abstract emotions from the viewer, like happiness, love, freedom. 


I'm uising Tone.js, written by Yotam Man.


Composition 1: "Ode to Leon's OCD" using mouseover code.

Composition 2: "Allison's Use of Vim Editor" with Kinectron code, using Lisa Jamhoury and Shawn Van Every's Kinectron app and adapting code from one of Aaron Montoya Moraga's workshops.

Composition 2 with mouseover for testing on computer.

Composition 3: "Isobel" with mouseover.


A series of vegetables. Comissioned project.

For the banana version I used the following photo exploration.


Inspired by Paul O'Connor's work.