More prototypes for sound sculpture enclosures. More about this project here.

The sound playground is a group of kinetic sculptures whose sonic behavior changes over time and whose interactions cannot be predicted with certainty. It encourages play, exploration, calm, and the relinquishing of complete control in the creative process. Fascinated with human ability to remain playful throughout their lives, I aim to build an experience that allows people of all ages to create subtle sounds compositions by setting kinetic sculptures in motion and delight in the ever-changing and sometimes surprising results.
In addition to play, I am examining the human interactions with things that they cannot control or learn as well as change over time. The objects absorb bits of the surrounding noise and insert these bits into the existing algorithmic composition, somewhat like new snippets of DNA.  A sculpture's program also changes in response to how it was moved. The experiences of a sculpture is incorporated into it's future behavior, but it changes alongside us using it's own logic. The interactions invite users to examine what it means to them to be in control, especially in control of the creative process. 

This project is a series of kinetic sculptures that emit subtle sounds when set into motion by people. The sounds of some of the sculptures will change over time as they absorb bits of the surrounding noise and insert it into their existing ambient soundscape, somewhat like new snippets of DNA. These chunks of sound that are sourced from the environment may not play back right away and may not manifest themselves for months. They will also be highly abstracted by the sculptures' code. The idea is that these objects behave quite independently in terms of their sonic properties and behaviors and that the user can't learn or predict their behavior with certainty. Relinquishing control over the objects, we are met with ever-changing interactions that we can observe and delight in.