Frenemies in the Greek Gallery/Comoediae Agni

Museum Frenemies/Ram Bearer's Comeuppance/Comoediae Agni


Scene 1. "brevis victoria"

The original sketch was for scene 1: Lamb bearer's comeuppance. The title became Brief Victory when I added the final part of the scene that dethrones the lamb from the man's body. 


Additional end of scene 1 where the lamb realizes it's victory was short.



Scene 2. "speranza. giocare"

Lamb grabs man's head and shakes it with satisfaction in teeth like a dog that caught a squirrel or a dog toy. Wags it's tail with glee. This continues. 

Scene 3. "exhalationem spiritus"

Lamb blows at man's head "TBTBTBB" playfully. The head simply falls off.  Possible that the bearer sculpture was never alive like the lamb sculpture. Did the lamb ever have a friend or foe? It vomits in despair or possibly let's out it's spirit. At the end of the scene the wings and the trumpet are uplifting. 


Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 3.42.29 AM.png


I am thinking of adding another few frames dedicated to the lamb vomiting up a strong stream of some sort of life force (kind of like Lynch's Garmonbozia, pain and suffering). It will come out in the form of mist that isn't affected by gravity and sort of floats out) before or after it opens it's eyes wide.


References and source materials

In making the video I used the following images: lamb bearer - Kriophoros, Nike of Samothrace's (wing), Deux chien de Chantilly  by Fanfareau e Brillador (tail).


Sound Effects

Then sound will be slapstick and unsubtle, like in Terry Gilliam's animations. 



Terry Gilliam's animations for Monty Python. 

Cyriak's "Baa"

And another animation that I have yet to find, shown to us in class.