Fresh pile of pool pipe (It's Garbage! Series)


Garbage item 1

 Fresh pile of found pool pipe // 2018 3x3x2’. 4” di, 36’ l.

“The dyadic alterations of leaf and air make the frond shimmer and move, even when it stays still.”

- Elaine Scarry on the beauty of palms in “On Beauty And Being Just”.

The striations of this pool coil by the garbage caught my eye. The mesmerizing black slivers between white rings were like the fronds of a palm that Elaine Scarry talks about in her “On Beauty and Being Just”. I lugged it home to wash it and twist it into knots. It turned out just like I imagined. The huge knot holds itself in place but the lines are in constant motion both in the way the tube bends and in the optical effect of the stripes on the curcumference. 



I'm experimenying with using found and discarded materials in creating objects with interesting textures that can be touched and will eventually all come together in a tactile sound sculpture garden/playground that  will serve the general public as well as those who are hard of seeing.


Upon seeing this documentation several people told me they thought this was rendering in a 3d program, but it’s really just an analogue optical trick. And a treat! It’s a delight to look at in person and get lost in making sense of it, following its curves and seeing it appear to animate with just a slight movement of the body.