Katya is a Brooklyn-based tinkerer, artist/designer/technologist, and activist. She holds a double bachelor's degree in studio art and linguistics from the University of Maryland and has ten years of experience in projects ranging from visual design to design for social innovation.

Currently she is pursuing a master’s degree in art and technology at NYU's ITP, where she uses traditional and emerging technologies to create work that examines people's understanding of one another and their environment. Her focus is on interactive sculpture and audio-visual installations. On the activist side, Katya is working to prototype safe spaces for homeless women in New York with NYU's Design For America team. She is looking for ways to combine socially engaged art practice with participatory design for social innovation projects aimed to improve agency in vulnerable communities. 

Creating with her favorite teams, which include artists, activists, developers, musicians, designers, and researchers, continuously inspires her to further explorations in visual, sonic, and computational media.

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Interactive Installation


Sound Sculpture

Physical Computing

Speculative Art and Design

Art as Social Intervention 

Design for Good / Design for Social Impact and Innovation

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